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Developing website is the most amazing thing a website designer-developer do everyday. Variety of website technologies and mobile technologies has changed the era of Website Development. The website is the 1st impression you print on your client’s mind and their heart also ! It’s website designer’s first responsibility to follow a proper approach for website design. Creating a perfect Website start from choosing a correct Design.

There are mainly 3 parameters to keep in mind while choosing the website design template : Design of Content Width, Header Layout, Navigation Bar Design

Design of Content Width

The width of the content can be as per your choice like Full-width(stretched) or Boxed Layouts. Let’s go in deep for both the type to help you choose the right one.

Full-Width Design


   Full-width web designs results beautifully as elements like columns and sidebars are of same width simultaneously allowing images and text to flow to           different areas of the web page. 


     Designers have to be more accurate for widths of photos and  videos to make sure a good looking web page for every kind of screens. 

Boxed Layout  


This is a uniform website design as far as width is considered. This suits to variety of different purposes. Quality and readability of the website layout will not be lost for different screen resolutions. Boxed layout simplifies and beautifies the user experience.


    One of the striking thing users may not like to view in this layout is white spaces according to different screen size. All the information are gathered in          middle of the page which some users may not like.

Header Layout 

 Header is the first thing on your website user comes through. Your header layout may be a simple logo image, video, an image with text overlays etc.

 One should choose a right type of header by thinking of their ultimate goal and target audience’s interest. In every way the header must be                             communicating your main business to the visitors.

Navigation Bar Design  

A clean and simple Navigation can guide visitors to move around your website with ease. Adding active menu indicator like background color or a little under line will be nice.

In main navigation bar include only the essential pages. Navigation bar should be in order of importance of pages from left to right.

Which position fits to your navigation bar is the next question comes into pictures. Most of visitors are used to a horizontal top navigation menu bar. Using a permanently fixed menu bar on top is a choice of yours and it will help visitors to navigate when pages are very long.  For too many tabs or a graphic heavy website vertical navigation bar will be a suitable option. If your website’s primary goal is call-to-action like email sign up or e-commerce store then bottom horizontal navigation menu will be the best option. Here visitor can focus on the content and eliminates visual directions.

Final words
Last, but not the least, with design, navigation and content you consider also overall user experience of the website. Always make responsive-mobile      friendly design. SEO optimization is also a main point you have to consider.    

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