Odoo- Trending eCommerce Technology

eCommerce store with Inventory and Customer Management Tool
31 July, 2020 by
Odoo- Trending eCommerce Technology
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Today, we live in an efficient world, where you can obtain easy and quick services with the use of the internet and connected devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones.

The scenario is just right for eCommerce as it paves the way for higher business growth. However, creating a more interactive platform is a tough task for businesses. It also takes a lot of time and is costly too. Welcome to Odoo - an innovative and easy-to-use eCommerce service just built for you!

At Bizople, we provide Odoo eCommerce Development services and customized solutions for new e-commerce businesses. Odoo does not require any software development skills at all to use it. Any person with basic knowledge of computers can start using this eCommerce.

Bizople is a leading odoo development company to help you with Odoo e-commerce to do product promotion, manage finance, inventory, and purchases

The go-to solution
Now, Odoo is fast becoming the go-to solution for e-commerce for online businesses. It covers the entire e-commerce activity spectrum right from add-on products and manages inventory to shipping services.

Easily showcase products
With this platform, you can easily create a product showcase by using the drag-and-drop menu. It also maintains a stock of products and sales through auto mode for stock adjustments as well as reporting. 

Track customer orders
Odoo eCommerce provides an easy-to-use solution to keep and track customer orders, and even maintain data as well as claims. It permits customers to download invoices, deliver orders, and also show the shipment status from a single location.  The Odoo eCommerce platform also has a feature for promoting products for selling and upselling on product pages or the cart. 

Odoo boosts your sales
Boost your sales by cross-selling and persuading a customer to buy products from product pages, the cart, or while at checkout time. It suggests products or other alternatives to the customer while customers are in the midst of transactions.

Easy designing features
On the design side, Odoo eCommerce is the most user-friendly software that provides custom-designed solutions for your product. It displays your business in an exclusive way. You can just use drag and drop to edit options to create customized blocks.
You can prepare designs without technical knowledge of coding to place your products, and also change their size, color, and style. 

Shipping made easy
The Odoo e-commerce platform also provides a cohesive platform with your shipping carriers and you can track your shipment on Odoo directly. It also allows you to select the best and cheapest shipping providers. You can also print the label of shipping in one click. It also permits the storekeeper to include add-on connectors to maintain the shipping services. 

Easy payment options
There are many options for payment available on Odoo eCommerce platforms like Paypal, PayUmoney, Adyen, Ingenico Stripe, etc to help the customer make a payment. 

Multiple eCommerce store options
With the Odoo eCommerce platform, you can create multiple eCommerce stores. Odoo also provides various designs through its app store. Just select and click on the design to install it on your eCommerce platform. You can promote your products using coupons code or gift vouchers to increase your sales easily. 

By using the online form builder tools, you can create attractive web forms and easily get the visitor’s details online. With Odoo services, you can also integrate SaaS-based and Cloud-based Odoo services at a lower cost. 

Better ROI
By using an effective solution such as  Odoo, businesses can get better returns on their investment.  The Odoo e-commerce platform has an edge over other eCommerce platforms to get more efficient and cost-effective services. The Odoo eCommerce platform allows you to use different versions such as the on-line version, community version, enterprise version, Odoo version 8, and version 11, etc. 

Looking at the features of the Odoo platform for eCommerce, I am positive that it will boost your business performance, so you can get a complete return on investment using the best ever e-commerce platform available with Odoo. 

Odoo CRM
Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an influential browser-based software designed to surge the efficiency of corporates. However, Odoo CRM is a small portion of Odoo ERP applications but it is more important too.

Odoo CRM is easy to use and customized solutions for sales, marketing department, management, and accounting departments to provide unified, solutions to everything you need. It is also integrated with third-party applications too.

Odoo is really a dynamic solution for the promotion of products in the eCommerce era without any hassles. It is good for small and medium business enterprises because besides being easy to operate, it has a robust back-end process too.  

With Odoo, e-commerce you can easily do product promotion, andand manage finance, inventory as well as purchases too. In a nutshell, it's Odoo, e-commerce all the way! 

Odoo- Trending eCommerce Technology
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 31 July, 2020
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