Best Odoo ERP Customization Services

A manufacturing company would be more interested in having an ERP System implemented which helps them simplify the processes and operations such that the time for their resources is consumed less in the related activities and it can be utilzed for other activities such has Future planning, optimisation, which are equally important.

On the contrary, when we go to a restaurant, the most important thing that which matters to them is Customer satisfaction. In order to attain that level they need to make sure that the ERP system which they plan to implement helps them in improvisation of services along with measuring the cost-effectivenes based on the feedback shared by their diners.

We can see that the requirement largely varies from Customer to Customer based on what industry they are catering, how they have their structure defined, what is important for their business considering the current time frame and many more other necessary factors. Customization is their way for them to achieve such diverse requirements using a single platform. Odoo have been popular, if customisation is something that the customers are looking at. The diverse modules which are the part of Odoo’s standard portfolio and community, plays a key role in helping the designers implement a design which is at par to Customer’s requirement (Based on the Industry they are in and the goals they plan to achieve).

Odoo Customization

At Bizople, we have seasoned experts, whose task is to work hand in hand with the Customer’s team to make sure we deliver a solution which maintains a flexibility for the Customer to further Customise their design. The services that we provide as a part of Odoo Customisation are as follows,

  • Customer Specific Odoo ERP
  • Odoo E-Commerce with flexible processes that meets Customer’s demands
  • Customized Document Management System
  • Custom Designed Website

Bizople’s team of experts follow a unique approach to make sure an optimised solution is delivered to the our Customers,

  • Understand the Customer’s requirement, business goals, the industry they are into, Customer’s Product/Services for the end-user etc.
  • Make a thorough research to provide suggestions that fits as per the analysed items
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Customer’s team to make sure both are on same page during the implementation phase
  • Deliver bespoke solutions
  • Provide necessary support until required

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