Why to choose odoo e-commerce for your next project

All in One E-commerce Solution
18 June, 2020 by
Why to choose odoo e-commerce for your next project
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Online stores and online shopping are essential key-parts for any business now.  It’s India , USA or Europe eCommerce has grown into an undeniable choice among the shopper community. The point is millions of online customers are changing their approach to opt for more time saving and convenience online shopping. This behaviour puts a considerable force on eCommerce and online retailers today. After the global effect of COVID-19 E-commerce market is called the most-booming business in the world. Let’s see the essence of Odoo’s Ecommerce Development to make yours a successful and profitable E-commerce store.. 

Odoo is the booming ERP in the market today is a well known fact.  At the same time, Odoo E-commerce is amazingly attracting the online store keepers for its simplicity, beauty, ease-of-use and design. It allows one to sell the products online and with fastly designed customized Online Shop. Shopping is also very easy with this. It’s just a trait where a few clicks and order is processed. So it’s attracting the online shoppers too to expand E-commerce store revenue.

Main attractions of Odoo E-commerce for the business person :    
You can Design & Configure store yourself!
Edit Inline Approach:
It helps you to create product pages without code. It’s just “what you 
see is what you get” strategy to create your online store.
Form Builder :
It allows you to create custom web forms to get the essential details of your new leads and clients easily.
Multi Store E-commerce :
Want to start multiple online stores and keep everything integrated 
yet separated ? Yes, Odoo allows that. Create multiple stores with unique design, products, price lists, languages, currency.

Word Processor Text Editing :
It has an editor to give you experience of word processor to ease your content editing process for your website and e-commerce Pages.
Use of Theme:
It allows you to use any professional Odoo Theme you get developed or purchased from Odoo’s online marketplace Moreover, you can define as many product variants as you need, multiple price lists, multiple stores under one environment, display stock of products on the store, sell digital products and much more.

Boost your Sales ! 

Suggested Products:
Suggests optional products related to purchase items to inspire customers to purchase more related items and experience good e-commerce shopping.

Options to boost sales:
To boost your sales focus on promotions, create product categories, brands, coupon codes and promo codes, best product searching, push best selling products on the top of the page etc.

Abandoned carts
Search, mail and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

Main attractions of Odoo E-commerce for the online shopper :
Easy Search
Search on products, size-color-power like attributes to avail the ease ofsearch on the store.
Easy Checkout
Set up step by step instructions for customers to checkout easily in just a few clicks.
Skipping Shipping Address
Shipping address is no longer required while purchasing the services. 
Live Chat
Live chat is embedded for customer communication to get real-time information for customers.
Product Wishlist
Product wishlist to add wished products and faster purchase on returning again.
Easy Order Review
Order can be easily reviewed by the customer at the end of the process.
Customer Portal
Customers have easy access tracking of orders, advanced shipping rules and return management through the customer portal.

Odoo E-commerce has the facility to integrate with a number of shipping carriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx and La Poste; and payment methods like Paypal, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net and SIPS Worldline . Along with that billing including shipping cost, tax rates according to fiscal position are available with easy configuration for E-commerce stores. When the conversion rate (cart to order), average cart amount, best sellers, etc. can be tracked with Odoo KPI's, what a wonderful business it shall be for you! 

Why to choose odoo e-commerce for your next project
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 18 June, 2020
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